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Laura can work closely with you to provide a private, bespoke retreat. This is a customised experience with enhanced flexibility regarding dates, location, and destination, tailored to suit your specific gathering or special occasion. Allows you and your preferred guests, whether that’s friends, family or colleagues to immerse yourselves in the moment and fully relish the wilderness.

We will craft and develop the ideal itinerary that aligns with your vision, turning it into a wild reality. You can entrust us to deliver one of our experiences on any chosen date and time, or we can collaborate to personalise accommodations, curated experiences, catering, and transportation arrangements, all enriched with those unique, special touches. Throughout this process, we ensure seamless alignment with your budgetary guidelines, taking charge of logistics, planning, and coordination.

Why Organise Bespoke?


If this is your first time planning to come to East Africa, we can help you every step of the way to organize a wild wellness safari adventure. Alternatively, if you have been on safari before and have some ideas that you would like to bring to life in collaboration, we are flexible and can work with you to create a personalized and memorable experience.

Who to Bring on a Private Safari

Opting for a private safari becomes an exceptional choice when you envision a wilderness experience infused with wellness, especially when surrounded by a close-knit group of friends. The exclusivity of a private safari allows for a more personalised and intimate exploration of nature, fostering a shared sense of well-being among friends.

For those considering a corporate escape, a private safari provides a unique setting for team-building and relaxation. The serene backdrop of the wilderness creates an ideal environment for fostering collaboration, enhancing relationships, and rejuvenating the team spirit. The combination of adventure and wellness elements in a private safari can contribute to a memorable and impactful corporate retreat.

Organising a family wellness safari offers an unparalleled opportunity to bond with loved ones amidst the beauty of nature. Tailoring the safari to incorporate wellness activities ensures that each family member can enjoy the experience in a way that resonates with their individual well-being preferences. From guided nature walks to rejuvenating massage sessions, a family wellness safari becomes a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation, creating lasting memories for everyone.


One of our favourite features of bespoke retreats is the option to enhance your experience with exciting add-ons. We can arrange a helicopter safari for a unique perspective and breathtaking views of the landscape. Additionally, we can organise a professional photographer to join the safari and capture your memorable moments and wildlife so you can have images to remember this trip of a lifetime.

guest with adopted elephant.
Delicious Food on retreat

Yoga & Wellnesss

Wellness holds a unique significance for each individual. When orchestrating a wellness safari, we have the flexibility to tailor it to your personal interpretation of wellness.

Headstand on retreat.

Yoga, Massage & Movement

Embark on each day of the retreat on your terms. Begin with an early morning game drive, witnessing the sunrise, and return to camp for a revitalising vinyasa flow, gently easing your body after the exploration of dusty roads.

Our customisable itineraries encompass a range wellness of activities, from daily walks and meditation to personal training sessions or soothing yoga sessions based on your preferences.

Should massage be a vital component of your well-being, we can seamlessly arrange for a private masseuse to join us on the safari to enhance your trip.

All for you

Every aspect of your retreat is crafted with your well-being in mind. Whether you seek adventure, serenity, or a perfect blend of both, our flexible and comprehensive approach ensures that your bespoke itinerary reflects your unique preferences, creating a retreat that is not only memorable but also deeply fulfilling.

elephant at bush breakfast kenya

Bespoke Options

  • Choose from any property in Kenya or we can work with other Safari destinations in collaboration with Escape Safaris.
  • Dates & length of your trip
  • How many guests you would like (we a retreat with 1 - 25 guests)
  • Private Photorgapher to Capture your experience
  • Private Massuese
  • Transport options; Train, commercial flight, private charter, drive. *This is subject to location.
  • Entrance fees to Tsavo East National Park
  • The services of a professional guide & Yoga Host Laura
  • Custom Yoga classes, e.g. Yin, Vinyasa, Power, Meditaiton, Sound Baths
  • Two Massages

What Is Not Included

  • International Flights to and from Kenya
  • Transfer to and from Nairobi SGR Station ( we can help arrange this for you if your hotel doesn’t)
  • Anything of a personal nature
  • Visas to Kenya
  • Gratuities
  • Hotels in Nairobi before and after the trip ( we can send over recommendations)

Yoga on Your Safari

Customise your Wildlife & Yoga Retreat

How to Book

Spaces in our calendar are limited for our Wildlife & Yoga Retreats.

To start send us an email at and we can start planning your next adventure.

Savasana in kenya.
Birds eye view of galdessa camp.

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